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Wooden Arrow Shafts - Premium Pine


Product Code: PINE3215

Full-length Premium Pine, wood arrow shafts (32") sold by the dozen.

With its straight grain and consistent weights, these pine shafts make fantastic wooden arrows.

Robust, durable wood shafts. 

These wooden arrow shafts are available in a selection of spine weights and diameters.

Available diameters: 3/8, 23/64, 11/32, 5/16, 9/32

We weight match all our shafts as close as we can get them and for you within 30gn across all 12 and because we know it matters. We also mark the individual weight on every premium pine shaft.

These wooden shafts are very high quality and perfect for any form of traditional archery whether it is for target, field or clout shooting.

Don't be tempted by lesser quality pine arrow shafts on the market.

Please note we try and supply shafts as straight as possible. As they are a natural product all wood arrows shafts need some work on straightening.

Wooden Arrow Shafts - Premium Pine