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Target Arrows - Deluxe


Product Code: 1132DT

Deluxe Target Arrows

Outdoor Adventure Supplies' deluxe target Arrows – quality matched traditional wood arrows at an unbeatable price.

Our ready-made arrows are built using the best quality shafts and are perfect for; target archery, field archery and 3D shooting.

From time to time our stock may run low and orders may have to be custom made please check when ordering. 

Each arrow has been hand-spined so their flight characteristics match and weight-matched within 10gn across the dozen.

They are crested in 3 places matching the feather colours and then varnished.

5/16 diameter arrows have 3" shield feathers and 11/32 diameter have 4" shield feathers. All arrows have a barred cock feather.

All arrows come full length 32"

Price includes a free cutting and point fitting (brass bullet points) service included in the price.

Feather colours will vary. Please contact the shop if you would like to know what we have in stock.

Sold in 12s.

The diameters normally follow these parameters

20-25 through 40-45 are 5/16"

45-50through 60-65 are 11/32"

Target Arrows - Deluxe


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