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Target Arrows - Basic


Product Code: 7483BTA

Looking to buy wooden archery arrows?

If you need arrows for your traditional bow, then look no further. We have wooden arrows for sale to match any archer.

From time to time our stock may run low, and orders may have to be custom made, please check when ordering. 

Traditional wooden arrows are available in several different ranges. 

These are general-purpose basic arrows great for practice and general archery to match bow and arrow together.

Sold in sets of 12.

Maximum 32” length.

We have Basic Arrows and Deluxe Arrows to suit any bow type. Our different arrow ranges are General purpose basic arrows, Deluxe Tournament Competition arrows, General purpose Medieval arrows and Deluxe Medieval arrows.

Our traditional wood arrows are made using the best traditional materials (we usually use a pine, spruce or cedarwood arrow shaft in the construction of our arrows).

Spine and weight-matched within 30gn they make fantastic traditional arrows for English Longbow, recurve bow, Horse Bow or American flatbow. We also have traditional archery arrows and medieval wooden arrows available to buy for target, clout and field archery.

Turkeys feathers are cut in a shield shape, and when ordering, we ask for your arrows draw length to cut and fit your points. We usually fit these with 100gn Brass Bullet points but let us know if you would prefer field points.

Ready-made wooden arrows. Whether you shoot target, field, 3D or leisure, these are the wooden arrows for you.

If you need spare cut feathers for your arrows we have those available as well or why not cut your own using our full-length turkey feathers.

Our highly experienced arrow maker built all our arrows, finished with a hard-wearing varnish and fletched with shield feathers and traditional black or white nocks. 

Feather colour and shaft diameter may vary on these basic ready-made wooden arrows so please contact us for current stock colours and sizes.

Custom options are also available on our website.

Unlike other basic wooden arrow suppliers, these arrows are weight-matched by hand within 30gn and spined within 5lb. As archers, we know this is highly important and will only help your consistency when shooting.

If you find traditional arrows for sale that aren't to these specifications, then they aren't worth shooting! We also include free arrow points and point fitting service with each arrow shaft cut to your draw length.

All wooden arrows come full length and 32" uncut if you would prefer to fit your own points, please let us know in the notes when ordering.

Aluminium Carbon Arrows Vs Wooden Arrows. As wood is a natural product, some variances occur with the materials and as such you will more than likely need to hand straighten your arrows before shooting them now and again. 

Matching wooden arrows is a difficult process, and we do try our best to supply sets of arrows that will shoot well for you. Human-made arrows such as carbon or aluminium do not need this straightening process but cannot be shot from an English Longbow.

We love wooden arrows, and as far as we are concerned, there is something perfect about shooting wooden arrows from a traditional bow.

Target Arrows - Basic

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