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Oulay Mongolian Horse Bow 40# – Brown


Product Code: 5654

This Mongolian horse bow is ideal for adult use and has a smooth draw to 30".

40lb @ 28". For every inch past 28 add 5lb on your fingers.

Brown artificial leather wrapping with brown stitching on both limbs and on the handle.

This Oulay Mongolian horse bow is perfect for people who want a powerful horse bow with a smooth draw. This range also has hand engraved siyah’s.

Fast and powerful Mongolian Horse bow, ideal for target, hunting or mounted archery.

All of the Horse Bows currently in our archery range, now come fitted with a Hybrid Grizzly String. At No Extra Charge!


A secret blend including a high-end fast flight type material inlaid with a flemish twist. Giving you a softer, quieter, more forgiving shot, while still maintaining incredible speed. Overall, a great balance of speed and performance with minimum noise, and designed to suit most modern bows with reinforced limb tips. This is Grizzly Jim’s string of choice. Because of the nature of the Hybrid unlike the other strings is intentionally made a little longer to incorporate more twists, giving you a much rounder quieter string.

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Oulay Mongolian Horse Bow 40# – Brown