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Opinel Nomad Cooking Kit


Product Code: 3123840021770

The smart and compact kit for cooking with good tools outside of home.

3 pocket knives dedicated to the kitchen:

  • The No.10 corkscrew, 10cm blade to cut, slice like a paring knife and to open the wine bottles
  • No.12 with 12 cm serrated blade, as a bread knife, or to slice large fruits and vegetables
  • The No.06 peeler, very efficient blade to peel fruits and vegetables
  • Beech handle, stainless blades
  • Double security ring

+ 1 cutting board in beech size 20 x 12 x 1cm

+ 1 kitchen cloth 3 in 1: cloth, small tablecloth and carrying case, made of high quality microfibre for fast drying.

SKU: 002177

Opinel Nomad Cooking Kit


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