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OAS - Emergency Whistle with Lanyard and Compass


Product Code: 72831

This high-quality robust survival whistle is rated around 120 decibels loud enough to attract attention from your party or search and rescue.

With design features including • Very High 120, Decibel Whistle • Conforms to EN ISO 124402-8 • Lightweight Durable Design • Floats • Moulded Belt Clip The Emergency Whistle is an essential part of any outdoor, camping, hiking, climbing or mountaineering kit, no matter what you’re doing it’s a must-have. A whistle that is used to alert people if you are in distress MUST be something that you can rely on in that utmost important of situations, so we know how important it is to have a product that works time after time without fail.

These handmade Lanyards are made from high-quality 110lbs 7 strand “milspec” Paracord. And feature a high-quality stainless steel swivel clasp and a robust abs plastic breakaway fixture. This unique design makes this lanyard not only fashionable but also very functional. With its chrome steel swivel clasp means that this lanyard can be worn either way round making it very versatile yet sturdy.

Should your compass needle stick make sure you have the compass level and give it a little shake to remove any air bubbles trapped during the manufacturing process.

FEATURES: • 20mm Diameter Face • Pressurised • Waterproof and Compass Compasses can be removed if required.

Please Note – NOT FOR GENERAL NAVIGATION – Be aware all compasses of this size should only be used as a guide. Due to their extremely small size, they are not as accurate as their larger counterparts and should only be used as a guide or in emergencies. Which is why if you have any problems or you find any faults with our product we will be happy to replace it FREE OF CHARGE please see our return policy for more details.

The internationally recognised distress or SOS signal is 6 blasts of the whistle with a 1-minute break and then repeated. The reply is 3 blasts with the same pause so be on alert. If you have any questions regarding this product or the options available please contact the OAS-UK team. If you have any questions regarding the functionality or safety of this product please contact us or seek further advice from other Outdoor Specialists.

OAS - Emergency Whistle with Lanyard and Compass


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