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OAS - Companion Fire Steel


Product Code: 8945CP

Fire starting is one of the most important fundamentals of survival, giving you protection, warmth, making your water safe to drink, cooking your food, signalling, and drying your gear.

Ferrocerium fire starters have become a fundamental tool in bushcraft, as they are the most dependable means of lighting a fire with sparks, regardless of weather conditions.

These 9.4mm fire steels strike sparks at well over 1000 degrees centigrade and will light all, natural and homemade tinders.

These work great with our OAS – Fire Biscuits and our other tinder products.

Works in all weathers even when wet and will last for around 12000 strikes.

Rapidly becoming the most commonly accepted fire lighter for military units, adventurers and buchcrafters all over the world.

An absolute must for any outdoor enthusiast. 

OAS - Companion Fire Steel

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