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OAS – Fire Biscuits


Product Code: 736FB

Our OAS Fire Biscuits are a waxed based fire starter making them completely waterproof.

We stock and sell our Fire Biscuits in bagged units of 4.

To use these Biscuits all you need to do is break the biscuit in half and using your field knife simply expose the fibers underneath the wax. (mind your fingers)

Using a fire steel, match or lighter, strike or light the fibers causing them to ignite.

The wax will slowly melt allowing you to get your fire started, boil your water or use as a camp candle.

OAS Fire Biscuits can give you up to 3 MINUTES of burn time!

Please Note: As this is a handmade product colors will vary.

Testimonial:- We really love these, They’re brilliant! Two small flat rocks two inches apart with a small titanium cup of water on the top and one fire lighter was enough for a brew. – Jonny Crockett, Chief Instructor – Survival School 2017

OAS – Fire Biscuits

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