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Medieval Arrows Deluxe - Custom



These Outdoor Adventure Supplies Medieval Arrows Deluxe, are custom made and delivered in 1-2 weeks.

They are varnished and fletched with a 4.5" traditional cut cock and hen feathers with self horn reinforced nocks.

Horn self nocked, whipped feathers and sold by the dozen.

Arrow spines available from 20lbs - 70lbs.

High quality traditional wood arrows at a fantastic price. Our ready made arrows are perfect for; target archery, field archery and 3-D shooting. 

Choose your feather colours, spine and draw length opposite.

The diameters of arrow shafts normally follow these parameters.

Spine 20-25lbs through 40-45lbs are 5/16"

Spine 45-50lbs through 65-70lbs are 11/32"

Sold by the dozen.

Medieval Arrows Deluxe - Custom