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Medieval Arrows - Deluxe


Product Code: 2346DM

Medieval Arrows for Longbow Archery

Quality traditional wooden arrows at a great price. Our ready made arrows are perfect for, target archery, field archery and 3-D shooting with a traditional wooden bow such as English Longbow.

From time to time our stock may run low and orders may have to be custom made please check when ordering. 

Horn self-nocked with fully whipped feathers and sold in sets of 12.

They are varnished and fletched with 5" traditional cut feathers.

Our stock may run low from time to time, and orders may have to be custom made. Please check when ordering.

All arrows come full length 32"

Price includes a free cutting and point fitting service of steel modern bodkin point arrow heads.

The diameters generally follow these parameters

  • 20-25lb spine through 40-45lb is 5/16" diameter arrow shaft
  • 45-50lb spine through 60-65lb is 11/32"diameter arrow shaft

Q: Can I shoot these arrows with any bow?

A: Yes as long as it is a bow for traditional archery.

If you like the look of medieval bows and arrows but don't shoot a heavy warbow, these arrows will suit any bow weight from 25lb to 65lb.

Medieval Arrows - Deluxe


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