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Morakniv - Kansbol


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With origins in the long tradition of Scandinavian outdoor
life, Kansbol is an always reliable partner when heading out
into the wild. 

No matter if you want to split the firewood for
starting a fire or skinning a deer, the flexibility of this new
outdoor favorite will be there for you.

The Swedish stainless steel is of the highest quality, the Scandi
grind is both useful and provides extreme sharpness.
Perfect for when you want to work close to your knife and
the right feel is important.

Together with the Multi-Mount fastening system, your
Morakniv Kansbol is just seconds away. Place it on your
snowmobile, canoe, or ATV - when the knife is placed in the
holder it can take a bumpy ride on any vehicle.

With Morakniv Kansbol as a part of your gear, you are
always ready for whatever challenge nature may bring

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Morakniv - Kansbol


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