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DD Hammocks - SuperLight - Pyramid - Mesh Tent


Product Code: 0707273933744

Increase your lightweight camping options with our DD SuperLight Tents.

Simple to pitch, easy to pack, ultra-light to carry

The frame-free DD SuperLight Pyramid Mesh Tent is a great solution when travelling light. At just 565g (excluding pegs/guys) it won't weigh you down! 

Add its outer counterpart, the DD SuperLight Pyramid Tent (sold separately) to create a waterproof tipi style set-up!

With slim pegging tabs and a central top loop, the tent can be rigged in 2 ways - either suspended from a branch/overhead point using guy rope; or propped up from underneath using just 1 hiking pole. 

Bug protection either on its own or underneath a shelter

The DD SuperLight Pyramid Mesh Tent is spacious for a solo camper plus a rucksack, or comfortable for 2 people. 

Used with the DD SuperLight Pyramid Tent as an outer waterproof layer, it's ideal for camping in any terrain from woodlands to beaches to hilltops! 

If you're using it without its outer counterpart, you can enjoy it on a trip simply as protection from tropical insects (or from Scottish midges)!

This tent now comes with 2 Spare pegs, to ensure you can always have a secure set-up!


L: 200cm, W: 185cm, H:120cm

Packed size - 28cm x 15cm x 11cm

DD Hammocks - SuperLight - Pyramid - Mesh Tent