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Bearpaw - Whisper String Flemish - 10 Strand


Product Code: 837759

The Whisper String is a new hybrid string which was developed in collaboration with renowned American archers. 

This new high-performance development made by Bearpaw is a hybrid string which was created in collaboration with many renowned American archers. The Whisper String guarantees a fast arrow flight with an incredibly soft shot. The ends of the string are additionally reinforced thus protecting your bow from damage.

  • Bow Lengths and Number of Strands: only offered sizes and numbers of strands
  • Quality: German craftsmanship

We recommend the following number of strands:

All bows up to 40 lbs: 8 strands

All bows from 41 lbs: 10 strands

The string has a thicker centre serving to ensure a tight fit of most standard nocks.


Bearpaw - Whisper String Flemish - 10 Strand


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